• Alon Stivi

Back to School Safety Tips

This week, Alon Stivi, Founder and Developer of ACT Cert and Director of Safety4Students gives us his Back to School Safety Tips.

Talking with your child about school safety can be challenging.

“The school year is beginning and no one knows for sure when and where the next school emergency will occur. Relying solely on schools to prepare for emergencies is not enough. Parents and students must also plan for a school emergency.

For Parents

  • Discuss with your child what he/she will do in the event of an emergency. Avoid alarming them, but be honest.

  • Know the school emergency protocols and where the reunification sites are. Emergency regrouping is very chaotic, and knowing the school's rendezvous site ahead of time makes a big difference.

  • Plan where to rendezvous with your child in the event of a disorganized evacuation. Set up safe area/s to meet if they get separated from their class.

  • Establish with your child a secret password to be use in the event of an emergency. This could be useful to communicate a warning or confirm identity during a hostile situation.

For Students

  • Familiarize yourself with the campus layout and make a mental note of emergency exits. Remember that some exits may be blocked, so it is best to have alternate escape routes in mind.

  • Identify makeshift covers and hideouts throughout the campus that you could use in the event of a shooting. Remember that an object that can hide you from view may not necessarily protect you from gunfire.

  • Take note of objects in your classroom that could be used to barricade the door during lockdown. Preparing items that could help you wedge or tie the door in place would be useful.

  • Discuss with your classmate what you could do to stay safe in the event of an emergency. There is strength in numbers and teamwork is key to survival

  • Know the school emergency protocols and where the reunification areas are located.

Remember, failing to plan is planning to fail.