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12 Ways To Survive An Active Shooter

ACT Cert Program student disarms a school shooter during a drill.

In this week's article Alon Stivi, CEO of ACT Cert, teaches his students what to do if confronted with an active shooter. Through his online and in-person training they learn how to protect themselves and their loved ones.
  1. Know how to identify the sound of gunfire. It is often confused with the sound of firecrackers. It doesn’t sound like it does in the movies or TV!

  2. Note the direction of movement of other people and listen to the sound of screams and gunfire to quickly determine shooter location.

  3. It is common for gunfire inside structures or built up areas to echo. It may sound like it is coming from the opposite direction from which it is actually fired.

  4. Move toward the direction from which Law Enforcement First Responders are entering.

  5. Whenever possible, evacuate in the direction that is perpendicular to the lines of fire. Most bullets will travel down range and go through walls, hitting anyone in their path.

  6. Use available cover! Move low and quickly from one cover to the next and along the walls.

  7. In the absence of cover, lie flat on the ground and crawl away from gunfire.

  8. Leave your belongings behind and the doors open when you flee. 

  9. Before exiting a room or turning a corner look both ways.

  10. Help others escape and warn others to stay away from the area.

  11. Rapidly cross open spaces in pairs running together.

  12. If it becomes clear that the shooter is approaching your location and confrontation is unavoidable you MUST be prepared to fight as a last resort survival measure. Use anything at your disposal with complete determination to attack the shooter from a position of advantage and control the gun.

If it comes down to it—– fight back! Throw objects, set obstacles to impede the path of the shooter. Your survival may depend on it!

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