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How to Stay Safe During A Drive-By Shooting

This week Alon Stivi, Founder and Developer of ACT Cert and Director of Safety4Students covers how to stay safe during a drive by shooting.

Many schools are in proximity to a busy street or near a highway. The danger of drive by shooting from street gangs or a nearby freeway is real. To stay safe, it is imperative that pedestrians know what to do when gunfire erupts.

What To Do Before

  • Note of items you could use as cover.

  • Stay away from windows and glass doors.

  • Stay next to or near cover whenever possible.

  • Avoid huddling together in large groups in open area.

  • Never run toward the sound of gunfire to see what is happening.

What To Do During

  • If in the open drop to the ground immediately.

  • Seek immediate cover if it is available nearby.

  • Look around to determine the shooter’s position.

  • Never move from a cover unless you have another to go to.

  • When running for cover keep the shooter in your line of sight.

  • Run in the opposite direction than the shooter’s vehicle is moving.

It's important to remember that drive by shootings happens quickly and do not last more than a few seconds. To stay safe, you must stay out of the shooter’s line of sight just long enough until they speed away.


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